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The future is Green!

Stand alone power! Can I shout it loud enough. Look at the ideas people are working on right now!

Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator, developed by German architect Andre’ Broessel. It concentrates light by 10,000 times and is 35% more efficient than current solar panels. Amazingly it is able to operate on cloudy days. http://youtu.be/YHldwuCnCxg

artificial leaf  art leaf

The artificial leaf developed by Harvard professor Daniel Nocera, has the ability to replicate photosynthesis. Solar panels charge it up during the day and at night you are using fuel that the artificial leaf made. The artificial leaf makes oxygen and hydrogen water is required about 10 to 15 drinking bottles worth, for a family home. This has the potential to replace our current battery storage system. http://you.be/J556uXwrjll

Do you know what this all means for Australia, our stand alone power will reduce in cost. At the moment Aussies pay $30,000 for an average 3 bedroom home to be off the power grid. Stand alone power already pays for itself then gets cheaper. I wonder how cheap stand alone power will be in 5 years?

These clever Aussies can install stand alone power for you. Enviroshop 1300 30 58 33  Rainbow Power Company 02 6689 1430     Off-Grid Energy Australia  1300 334 839  There are more online type in stand alone power, too easy.

Let’s Go Green Australia! (Michelle Simpson – stand alone power advocate – )



Down with power lines!

We have enough reasons why Australia burns in the summer. Why do we accept improperly maintained power lines as one of those causes? Does anyone remember the Kilmore East fireball, dubbed Black Saturday? On the 7th of February 2009 lives lost 119. Who was responsible SP AusNet a Singapore owned electricity company.

We lost an iconic Australian that day in Brian Naylor. Our much-loved channel nine news reader Brian Naylor and his beloved wife gone in the most horrific way. 119 lives lost entire families gone, what about the people left behind. How can the people responsible possibly live with themselves, all that loss of life.

The power line in question one of the longest in Victoria was 43 years old with damage from a previous lightning strike. This made it susceptible to wind stress which in turn caused its failure. The resulting fire went on to destroy the communities of Kinglake, Steels Creek, Strathewen, Chum Creek and Flowerdale.

The bottom line is if you have an old, very long line with previous damage and you wait for it to fail expect to be held liable for damage caused. This was Victoria’s biggest civil class action involving 10,500 claimants. SP AusNet settled for $19 million. Cold comfort for the family members left behind.

We don’t have to let this happen again, we can eliminate the need for power lines. Stand alone power (off-grid power) is the answer.

stand alone power! Thanks sun & wind! Don't forget Sungel batteries!

stand alone power! Thanks sun & wind! Don’t forget Sungel batteries!

Stand alone power means you produce the power you use. It cuts out the middle man, no more power bills. Not a power line in sight.

Some companies to tell you all about it: Enviroshop…….1300 30 58 33  Rainbow Power Company…….02 6689 1430  Off-grid Energy Australia…..1300 334 839      If you want to find a company near you look online (stand alone power) too easy.

Now you may be thinking if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone doing it. Although I’m doing my best to shout about it, this information is largely unheard of. Even some people I’ve spoken to related to that industry are not aware of the current advances. Stand alone power works and works well, the cost to maintain the system decreases over time. No one in the fossil fuel burning industry can offer you that.

It’s time to stand up for stand alone power! If you own your own property in Australia I urge you to get off the power grid. Go green Australia! (Michelle Simpson -stand alone power advocate-)

Australia the extremely lucky country.

Australia is certainly the lucky country. We can have a system whereby we produce the power we use. No more paying a company for the use of our power. No more power bills!

In everyone’s attempt at renewable energy the best they can come up with is, we pay whatever they tell us to. Providing renewable power for a cost.

stand alone power! Thanks sun & wind! Don't forget Sungel batteries!

stand alone power! Thanks sun & wind! Don’t forget Sungel batteries!

Stand alone power cuts out the middle man. You produce the power you use via solar panels, solar hot water, maybe a small wind turbine and definitely a bank of batteries. The best batteries you can get for this application are sungel, Aussie made! Thanks C.S.I.R.O. and Battery Energy!

In the northern hemisphere the solution is different, due to the amount of sunlight hours per day. For example in the U.S.A. maximum sunlight hours per day in the summer is 10 hours. In Australia minimum sunlight hours per day in the winter is 10 hoursWe have more sun! Our sunlight hours per day and our sungel batteries, these are what make stand alone power possible.

Some people in Australia are using a bit of DIY to get off the power grid others are employing a company to install it. Those that are unaware of the existence of stand alone power are still on the power grid. When stand alone power is common knowledge everything will change. We don’t have to wait for the government or big business to make a move, they can watch us make a change.

To find a company to install a stand alone power system look online. (stand alone power) Make sure that’s an Aussie company! Too easy. If you want to talk to an expert on the subject I suggest one of these guys: Enviroshop………1300 30 58 33  Rainbow Power Company………02 6689 1430  Off-grid Energy Australia……..1300 334 839


Author: Michelle Simpson -stand alone power advocate-

Here comes crisis point

In Australia with just the advent of solar panels we will eventually hit crisis point. The fossil fuel burning power companies are supplying less power than they used to. They were proud to announce no interruption to supply through Melbourne’s hottest weather. They say solar panels have taken the edge off. I ask you what happens when more solar panels go up? These companies will supply even less. We need a back-up system. We need to get off the power grid.

Who can get you off the grid? The government? Big business? No. They are trying to work out ways of getting onto renewable energy whilst still having us pay for the use of our power. There is one person who can get you off the power grid, it’s YOU.

People all over Australia are slowly moving off the power grid. You can’t get off the power grid if you’ve never heard about stand alone power. Some people are using a bit of DIY, others employing a company to install their stand alone power system. With this system you will have solar panels, solar hot water, a bank of batteries, you may have a small wind turbine. You don’t have to pay the sun or wind for the use of your power. Using a company set-up would be around 30 thousand dollars for an average 3 bedroom home depending on your power usage. The only real cost to maintain this system is to replace the batteries when they ware out. If those batteries are sungel the best Aussie made you can get, they last 15 to 20 years! Thanks C.S.I.R.O. and Battery Energy. Nothing to pay for 15 to 20 years, what company can offer that, these ones. Enviroshop….1300 30 58 33 Rainbow Power Company…..02 6689 1430 Off-grid Energy Australia…..1300 334 839

Let me just say stand alone power becomes cheaper over time. Grid connected power is increasing in price and will continue to do so. Why are they increasing the price of gas, if not to prop up their profit margin. We are heading towards a crisis point.

If you own your own home or business think about stand alone power. Go Green Australia!

Author: Michelle Simpson – stand alone power advocate –