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The green facts

The stand alone power system is an off-grid energy system that disconnects you from the power grid. Yes, no more power bills ever! You produce the power you use.


This is how stand alone power works.

Let’s talk about the battery storage system. The cheapest batteries are deep cycle, they require ongoing maintenance, water levels need to be topped up and the gas they produce needs to be vented. They are not good in extreme temperatures such as our Aussie summer.


deep cycle batteries

The Tesla power wall are lithium-ion batteries which require no maintenance, work in extreme temperatures and have a running life of about 10 years. For a mid-range cost. These are the newest on the market. You may have to get in the queue for these ones.


Tesla power wall







The Sonnenschein are gel technology imported from Germany. They require no maintenance and will last 20 years. They work well in extreme temperatures. These are the most expensive.


Sungel batteries

We have Sungel which are Aussie made. They have the same gel technology as the Sonnenschein and will last 20 years. They are cheaper because we don’t need to pay the import cost. They do well in extreme temperatures. Good for Australian weather.


If you are looking to have stand alone power installed know your energy storage system. Don’t just listen to me, do your research. Ask your installer to explain everything.

How do you find an installer? Easy as, use your favourite search engine and type in stand alone power. Check out their website and see what components they offer. Find the right one for you.

Go Green Australia!

Michelle Simpson (stand alone power advocate)

Climate Change?

Climate change, how do we the people of Australia combat this? What can we do to lower carbon emissions and reduce the amount of fossil fuels used?

If you’re thinking renewable energy you’re on the right track. If you want a system that does not involve paying money to the man for the use of you’re power, then stand alone power is a viable option.

The stand alone power system consisting of solar panels, solar hot water, small wind turbine and bank of batteries would be a typical set-up for a family home. In the hotter parts of Australia the wind turbine may not be necessary. In doing my research I found that even some people in the green energy sector were not aware of the existence of Sungel batteries. Aussie made Sungel make stand alone power more viable than ever. They are designed to withstand our extreme temperatures and are maintenance free. At a conservative estimate they will continue to operate for 15 years the German counterpart guaranteed for 20 years. In my opinion Sungel will last 20 years considering it’s the same technology. Sungel are new and have only been around for approximately 7 years.

If you are thinking about stand alone power the cost for an average 3 bedroom home would be around 30 thousand dollars. That’s if you don’t already have solar panels or solar hot water. After the set-up cost the only real maintenance cost comes in the form of new batteries. So the ongoing cost comes along every 15 to 20 years! Wow!

For more information call one of these guys, Enviroshop…….1300 30 58 33    Rainbow Power Company…….02 6689 1430    Off-grid Energy Australia…….1300 334 839, or look up stand alone power online.

You may have noticed getting onto stand alone power does not require waiting for the government or big business to make a move in that direction. If you want to get off the power grid you can take action now. Don’t sit around complaining about the price of electricity and gas. Go Green Australia!

Author: Michelle Simpson – stand alone power advocate –