Is this complicated?

Short answer no it’s not. This is the stand alone power system it means you can give the power companies the flick. Yes you heard right no more power bills!

Do we really need an engineer to tell us how it works? Ring a green energy company and you may get a complicated explanation from an engineer. The result being the average joe is left saying what the? Let’s make it easy to understand so everyone can say yep that’s what I want can you install one for me.

Most people roll their eyes at complicated explanations and then switch off. How many stand alone power systems can you sell when your customers switch off?reason-for-concept-popularity-of-solar-panels

We know solar panels make electricity using power from the sun. Does the explanation need to be more complicated than that? See what I mean!

Make it simple and people will buy it.  🙂

Go Green Australia!

Michelle Simpson (stand alone power advocate)

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