Time to choose.

It’s time Australia. Time to think about how your power is produced. At the moment we burn fossil fuels but that’s not sustainable. Most people would agree renewable energy sources are the way to go.

Do we want to pay the man whatever he says? What about cutting out the middle man and paying no power bills ever!

There is a whole new system available, there are no power bills to pay and all energy is totally renewable. Cheaper than paying for grid connected power, stand alone power is the way to go.

stand alone power! Thanks sun & wind! Don't forget Sungel batteries!

stand alone power! Thanks sun & wind! Don’t forget Sungel batteries!

Take charge! Don’t wait for the government or someone else to sort it for you. You can get off the grid today! There are plenty of companies to install stand alone power such as Enviroshop 1300 30 58 33 or Rainbow Power Company 02 6689 1430 look them up online. The cost $30,000 for an average 3 bedroom home. No matter what you have heard in terms of cost I got this figure from the companies doing the work.

Now you know how to get off-grid power use that knowledge, please.

Go Green Australia!

Michelle Simpson (stand alone power advocate)

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